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The length of the blade is generally proportional to the weight of the knife. If a chef’s knife is too heavy, it won’t be easy to control your cuts, especially when you’re cutting ingredients at high speeds.


Conversely, a light knife will make it hard for you to apply even pressure around the blade when chopping or slicing at the same time. A heavier handle also won’t absorb accidental slips or drops better than a lighter one will.


There are two main blade shapes for knives: the traditional Western European shape and the Asian-inspired shape (which has a curve in the blade).


The European blades are considered more balanced while their Asian counterparts have a more distinct point. Pointed knives will rest comfortably on your fingers when you cut, which makes them easier to use.


Don’t use a knife that’s too short for the chore at hand. For example, if you are cutting onions, a long knife will be much better than a short one because you can press down on the onion more easily. On the other hand, when cutting a large block of meat (like a deboned roast), you’ll want to use an Asian-style chef’s knife because it has plenty of room to cut without hurting your knuckles against the block of meat.

Ever wondered why chefs’ knives cut well and quickly? Apart from the chefs having the right cutting skills, I believe a knife also matters. It would help if you had stable, sharp, and strong knives to easily cut all kinds of foods in the kitchen and cut the food accurately too. Here is a review of some of the best chef knives in the market.

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This is a classic chef knife that you will use for cooking. The knife features an 8-inch blade that is strong, sharp, and stable to cut through most types of food when preparing and serving. The handle has a full tang and is fully riveted for that sturdy grip when cutting while ensuring the blade can cut from end to end. The edge of this knife is made of high carbon stainless steel and tempered to 58-degree HRC for durability and resistance against rust and corrosion.

Become a pro master chef in your cutting while preparing meals at home or in your restaurant with this knife. The knife is made to last long as the blade is made with stainless materials that cannot rust or corrode. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the knife getting blunt quickly. Comfort when cutting with this knife is guaranteed as it has an anti-slip handle for excellent grip. You can either wash this knife in the dishwasher for cleaning.

One crucial point

One crucial point to note is that this knife is handcrafted using the finest materials to make sure it delivers the best cutting results while providing comfort to the user. The knife has 67-layer Damascus steel with beautiful patterns that make the knife look pretty attractive. The handle is ergonomic to provide a firm and comfortable grip when cutting soft and hard foods.

One feature that stands out on this chef knife is the quality blade. The blade is made of high-quality German stainless steel, resistant to rust, corrosion, and even discoloration. Professionals also sharpen the blade’s edge to ensure it does not quickly get blunt.


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